Music is Healing Therapy in My Daily Life

Who doesn’t love music? 

Well, I think everybody love music, or maybe some people have love-and-hate-relationship with music. Just imagine, if we living in this world without a sound, without a simple tap on the table, or… without chit-chat or the sound that people can make to communicate…. What kind of horrible life is it? The world will be extremely plain and boring! 

Thank God, there is Music and sound in My Daily Life. You know what, sometimes we take it for granted as it became ordinary part of our living. But, if we want to think about it, sound/ Music/ song is an essential reason, why we enjoy life. Song is not just a song…. Song is a journey to spesific time and a place. Song/ Music such a way that produce beauty, harmony, and express our feelings. A very “meaningful song” can touch our heart, no? 

I know that Music / Song is A Gift. It is more than just a sound…. It is more than just a creative output. Song can make My Daily Life becomes brighter than ever! And it can make your life become more exciting and wonderful!

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