[#EF13] I Choose Youtube Aerobic

Okay, thanks God, finally I can join BEC challenge again… Yayy for this…. **blowing confetti** Talking about my favorite sport, off course it’s aerobics. Especially aerobics from youtube. Why? Because it’s very cheap! It only cost unlimited Wi-Fi subscription fee, and I can choose a lot of aerobics videos. I’ve posted about it (in Indonesian)Continue reading “[#EF13] I Choose Youtube Aerobic”

[EF#6] Again, About Alter Ego

Just in case you haven’t read my previous post about “Alter Ego” in Indonesian, let me tell you, that I have to confess : I have more than an alter ego. I could be very calm. In another time, you can see me as a very sharp-tounged mommy. While I’m in “a trance condition”, I couldContinue reading “[EF#6] Again, About Alter Ego”

[EF#5] BEC is My Superhero

There is no comfort in growth zone, and there no growth in comfort zone.  I’m absolutely agree with that quote. When we feel comfortable with current condition, ask yourself, what kind of growth/development that you’ve got? Nothing, eh? In terms of blogging, I found that blogging in Indonesian is my super-duper-comfort zone. I can catchContinue reading “[EF#5] BEC is My Superhero”

This is What I Called “Serenity”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.” I have a special-relationship with beach. Especially Pacitan beaches, because my mom was born and raised in Pacitan. One of my favourite beach is Pidakan Beach. This less-crowded beach could be a “healing-theraphy-spot” for all of us, citizens of big city that always trapped in a “never-ending-business” every singleContinue reading “This is What I Called “Serenity””

Carpe Diem

This is the most determined thing I’ve ever made in the beginning of 2015. I join Blogger English Club (BEC)! Oh my God, could I survive in completing all those challenges? Could I keep posting an English articles every Friday? Hahahaa… Time will tell. 🙂 As Dani said, the theme for today’s BEC challenge is… WhatContinue reading “Carpe Diem”