[EF#5] BEC is My Superhero

There is no comfort in growth zone, and there no growth in comfort zone. 

I’m absolutely agree with that quote. When we feel comfortable with current condition, ask yourself, what kind of growth/development that you’ve got? Nothing, eh?

In terms of blogging, I found that blogging in Indonesian is my super-duper-comfort zone. I can catch up the issue, the-unnecessary-thoughts that almost explode my head, and write it down in an Indonesian post, in my own blog. That’s soooo…. stress-relieving 🙂

And, several weeks ago, the awesome-founders of BEC got me thinking, with the brilliant idea: How about blogging in English? They set up the prompt challenge, let the members interpret it and develop “my-own-style-post”.

What a fabulous and great idea! I realized, by joining BEC challenge every Friday, I beat my fear. Because, my comfort zone (blogging in Indonesian) used to be my biggest trap. Coming out from my comfort zone is my biggest challenge. All in all, I’m sure that all BEC members feel grateful that we can virtually meet and join this group. Lot of good ideas comes from another members, so I skip my idea on this. Thanks guys, I owe you sooo much :))

“Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end…because in the end, it shows you a whole new world !! Make an attempt..” ― Manoj Arora, From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

Please welcomeeee… The Super heroes behind this super group! @danirachmat   @JNYnita   @Ladevagumanti  @feb_ryan24 Please do follow their twitter. And don’t forget to follow mine: @nurulrahma :))


Author: @nurulrahma

aku bukan bocah biasa. aku luar biasa

28 thoughts on “[EF#5] BEC is My Superhero”

    1. I think this quote could answer your curiousity, Bang –> “The comfort zone of a bird is that nest which is home to it. But the construction of the nest is made out of the comfort zone. Success in not an automatic mechanism. It is a daily process.”
      ― Kevin Keenoo

      1. jika comfort zone hanya bisa dicapai melalui proses berkepanjangan…. maka nggak akan terus tercapai donk…. jadi comfort zone itu sebenarnya nggak ada

        makin bingung

  1. Hmm, i have not wrotten in english for some months. I used to challenge my self to write in english once a week, or joining the challenges from some wordpress community. Yea.. Even my english is acakkadut :p

  2. wiw, superhero, BEC make us out from our comfort zone, for me BEC is pusher, it push me to write in english event english not good, but it gives me a chance to try and learn 🙂 thanks BEC

  3. Yes, I do believe that by learning and trying about something new, we’ll get new inspirations, looking for new experience(s), and finally, become a “rich” person, rich in experiences, and I think BEC is sure a good way to start for looking new inspirations :hehe

    Good writing!

  4. Aaaaw mbakyuuu.. You flattered us too much. But thank you. Thanks for joining our challenges and thanks for willingly entering your not so comfort zone and make the effort.

  5. Hello hello,

    I am making my rounds and will make some comments on your post. I will only do a little bit to encourage you to re-read and proofread the rest of the post.

    I absolutely agree with that quote. When we feel comfortable with THE current condition, ask yourself, what kind of growth/development HAVE YOU GOT? I can catch up WITH the issue (I’M NOT SURE WHAT YOU MEAN HERE), unnecessary thoughts that almost explode IN my head, and write THEM down in Indonesian in my own blog. That’s soooo…. stress free.
    And, several weeks ago, the awesome-founders of BEC got me thinking with A brilliant idea: How about blogging in English? They POSTED the challenge, let the members interpret it and develop “my-own-style-post”.

    Have a good one!

  6. “I Wish, I could join this club someday” oww..wait, I’ve been saying this for the third times. Let change the word “I commit to join this club soon”. Sound better right?

  7. You are right, Mbak. BEC pushes me out of my comfort zone. Blogging in English by using the chosen theme, make me learn and write better :).

  8. Quote-nya kyk pernah lihat dimanaa gitu.. lupa… tapi emang semakin sering kita berada di zona nyaman, rasanya ada sesuatu yang terbelenggu, kreatifitas mandheg, daya juang menurun, dan ada rasa tidak puas dengan pencapaian. Seperti katak dalam tempurung. Ketauannya pas ngobrol-ngobrol dgn teman-teman yg sudah membebaskan dirinya dari belenggu zona nyaman. Rasanya jauuuh banget, ga ada apa-apanya. *pengalaman pribadi*

    1. Aku pertama baca quote ini di bukunya Mohammad Assad “Notes from Qatar”. Ya, ya… “comfort zone” itu mungkin kalo diterjemahin bebas “zona leyeh-leyeh” bukan “zona nyaman” kali ya, hahahah

  9. nag lho mbaaaak…
    ini mah aku udah jelas kejebak comfort zone banget dalam nge blog mbaaak…

    Dari dulu begini2 aja…
    Pengen sih lebih sering apdet, rajin BW, bikin buku, atau bikin postingan cetar ala mbak Nurul gitu lah, tapi kok ini bawaan malesnya suka gak ilang-ilang yah mbaaak… bhuahahaha…

    Mudah2an kita bisa semangat terus nge blog nya yah mbaaak 🙂

  10. wah.. mbaak.. I ~ some kind of~ wanted to join BEC too, but not having the time to just click join and become one of their member.
    Now I become more excited after I read this post 🙂

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