This is What I Called “Serenity”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

I have a special-relationship with beach. Especially Pacitan beaches, because my mom was born and raised in Pacitan.


One of my favourite beach is Pidakan Beach. This less-crowded beach could be a “healing-theraphy-spot” for all of us, citizens of big city that always trapped in a “never-ending-business” every single day. Hear the wave…. Feel the breeze… I find my serenity here…

Pidakan is a Javanase phrase for “stepping up”. Maybe because we can find so many gravel here. It can be used for “feet theraphy”. A lot of people who came there believe, those gravels has significant impact for preventing our bodies and health.


This is my serenity. What about you? What is your serenity?

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