[#EF13] I Choose Youtube Aerobic

Okay, thanks God, finally I can join BEC challenge again… Yayy for this…. **blowing confetti**

Talking about my favorite sport, off course it’s aerobics. Especially aerobics from youtube. Why? Because it’s very cheap! It only cost unlimited Wi-Fi subscription fee, and I can choose a lot of aerobics videos.

I’ve posted about it (in Indonesian) you can read here

Another reason why I choose at home aerobics, because I can remove my hijab. You know, it’s never easy, going to sports club, doing fitness activity with hijab on your head, and all those long clothes.

I think that’s all. I can’t make it longer anyway 😦 If you want to join English Friday weekly challenge, please go here.


[EF#6] Again, About Alter Ego

Just in case you haven’t read my previous post about “Alter Ego” in Indonesian, let me tell you, that I have to confess : I have more than an alter ego.

I could be very calm. In another time, you can see me as a very sharp-tounged mommy. While I’m in “a trance condition”, I could be the one that I myself can’t recognize “Who am I? Is it really @nurulrahma?”

IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0086

However, I should be grateful for having this plural egos. As a blogger/ freelance writer/ columnist, imaginations is very very important things. Life is never flat. Because I can see all the circumstances, with various point of views.

For example, when I go to a food court with my family, at weekends. Lot of people overthere. We want to be served as quick as possible. A little bit ‘chaos’ here and there. Some people yelled, “Where is my dish???” “What a very sloooow waiter?” “Come on!! I’m hungry and you guys still have not cook my meals yet?”

My egos will say:

As an angel wanna-be: “Oh my God. Please be patient, guys. Let the chef and waiters do their best. Don’t expect too much. Everybody’s going here for having fun, right? Please… calm down…

As a careless person: “None of my business!”

As a kepo (knowing every particular objects) person: “Ummm… by the way, why that guy intimidates the waiter? Is he that rich and powerfull enough? Or… he thinks he’s the (kind of) twitter-warrior, who can invite another guy to fight at GOR Istora Senayan? :p”

As a terrible and sharp-tounged-lady:  “What the f**ksss!! Do you think everybody will support you, hey bast**rd!! We don’t care whether you got your dish as quick as you wish or not, but heiiii, please bear in mind, that everybody’s seeking happiness right now!! And you just screw it up!”

As the “real ego” @nurulrahma: “Just count my blessings. I’m not that waiter. I’m not that mad customer. I can go here with my family, order a yummy meal, enjoy my weekends. I just feel free… **dancing ala Syahrini**


Thanks to my “alter egos”. They drive me a little bit “crazy”, but I enjoy them so much. At some points, I can be cheerful and feel so sad at the same time. Maybe some people consider it as a anomaly, but I’m fine with that J

While joining BEC and writing this post, my egos always debate each other. Some said, “Come on, why you should join this blog club? There is no advantage for you! You work at a local foundation, it does’nt need the English skill at all! Besides, you no longer practice your English, and it’s impossible if you can beat those challenges!!”

But, finally, I can beat this ego. And my “angel wanna be” said, ”Just do it! No matter what, just develop your post and show it to the world! It always seems impossible until its done.”

[EF#5] BEC is My Superhero

There is no comfort in growth zone, and there no growth in comfort zone. 

I’m absolutely agree with that quote. When we feel comfortable with current condition, ask yourself, what kind of growth/development that you’ve got? Nothing, eh?

In terms of blogging, I found that blogging in Indonesian is my super-duper-comfort zone. I can catch up the issue, the-unnecessary-thoughts that almost explode my head, and write it down in an Indonesian post, in my own blog. That’s soooo…. stress-relieving 🙂 Continue reading “[EF#5] BEC is My Superhero”

This is What I Called “Serenity”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

I have a special-relationship with beach. Especially Pacitan beaches, because my mom was born and raised in Pacitan.


One of my favourite beach is Pidakan Beach. This less-crowded beach could be a “healing-theraphy-spot” for all of us, citizens of big city that always trapped in a “never-ending-business” every single day. Hear the wave…. Feel the breeze… I find my serenity here…

Pidakan is a Javanase phrase for “stepping up”. Maybe because we can find so many gravel here. It can be used for “feet theraphy”. A lot of people who came there believe, those gravels has significant impact for preventing our bodies and health.


This is my serenity. What about you? What is your serenity?

I Dreamed A (Wildest) Dream

When was the last time I do something for the first time?

When was the last time I have the courage to DREAM?

I don’t know. Oh my… Suddenly I realize that for a loooong time, I only live my life in “auto-pilot” mode. Never put any design, moreover wildest dream on it. Poor me.

Until I found this video on youtube. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Susan Boyle…!!

So many times we heard the adagium “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. What did we do to Boyle? All of us—I’m quite sure about this—will underestimate her, because she’s too old, not pretty nor slim (sexy) enough and she has no “star quality” to become a pop-singer.

And, Boyle’s appearance in that talent show fired us! She nailed it! **agnezmo style, if you know what I mean** She also makes her wildest dream comes true :))

So, how about me?

After thinking and elaborating so many ideas, I still have the obsession to have a round the world trip, with my kiddo, Sidqi. Truly inspired by backpackology, a Javanese young mommy, who always spending quality time with traveling in a very unique way. Also, Miss Trinity that inspires me to travel a lot, more and more.


So here we are.

In my wildest dream, Sidqi and I will travel a lot… We become a “lonely-planet-ambassador”…. and some billboards having our pictures as their advertorial for international brands!

red red-2 red-3

Hellooo Miss Boyle

Have I dream as wild as you dream?

Carpe Diem

This is the most determined thing I’ve ever made in the beginning of 2015. I join Blogger English Club (BEC)! Oh my God, could I survive in completing all those challenges? Could I keep posting an English articles every Friday? Hahahaa… Time will tell. 🙂

As Dani said, the theme for today’s BEC challenge is… What is your word for 2015?! 

Instead of resolution, the word can be your theme for the year, anything you plan this year may (or may not) based on the spirit of the word.

Uhhhmmm *thinking*. Well, frankly speaking, I have no ideas about what is my 2015 theme. I’m not the one that always come up with a list of targets, resolutions, what-so-ever, I’m not a detailed person. I just do what I want to do, I just say what I want to say… Like previous years, I just try living my life normally, seize the day, enjoy the moment, wait… it’s like… Carpe Diem

Yup. That’s how I should make my day!

“Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.”
Anthony Robbins

Well said, Robbins! Life recently drive some people become more ambitious. We want these, we want those, we want everything in this world! Unfortunately, we’re getting nowhere, because we have lot of dreams, but lack of skills or passion for getting those things. It’s getting worse, because for the sake of fulfilling our ambitions, we totally forget “our heaven” in this world. Working hard for getting more money, going to get some overtime schedules to boost up our working-performance, and… we forget that our family needs us. Our kids really need our presence. In terms of quality and  amount. So sad, eh?


Well, I’m not going to judge anyone. I just wanna make a #selftalk. My kid often complaining why I’m so hectic and so happy while working with the gadget; but rare to TALK with him?

“A real talks, not just ‘How was your day? What’s your homework?’ I want mommy chat with me. Let’s chatting, in this real world,” Sidqi says, slap me right in my heart 😦

So, let’s do something better this year. Instead of (always) having busy with all the achievements-things, I’d like to become “a real person”. Always mingle with a real families, having better interactions with real friends, and of course, this is the hardest: stop complaining about the “bad” things. Bad in quote-in-quote, because sometimes, our “bad” is “good” based on God’s scenario.

But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” (QS Al-Baqoroh 216)

Sooo, cheer up! Enjoy the moments, feel the breeze, capture the joyful things, share the happiness, and welcome 2015…! Be nice to us…! Have a GREAT YEAR, everyone…!

PS: Doh. kemringet eikeh bikin postingan inih! Daniii… Mas Ryaaaan… Mba Nitaaa…!! Kalian bertiga kudu tanggungjawab karena menjerumuskan dirikuh ke ‘kegilaan’ ini, bwahahhaahaaa…!