Our Lookbook in the making

Lucu-lucu bingits 🙂


Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook by La Coqueta

Being moments away from receiving our new printed AUTUMN WINTER 2013 LOOKBOOK, I can’t help but thinking of the unconditional support we had from customers and friends that made the shooting of this campaign possible, and how much fun it was!
People love seeing what our clothes look like on, especially if the models look familiar! Part of our lookbook’s charm is the fact that La Coqueta’s models are my own children and their little friends from school. It’s lovely…when we shoot, they are all new to the experience. They don’t pose or act any differently to what they would outside the set. So in this way, they look exactly like what they are supposed to: like real kids.
The fact that some of our most loyal customers and friends kindly accept to ‘lend’ me their children for my season photoshoot deeply…

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Author: @nurulrahma

aku bukan bocah biasa. aku luar biasa

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