Doraemon and Hot Air Balloon

Who doesn’t love Doraemon? This Japanese character, a lovely robot cat that travels back in time from the 22nd century, is really popular around the world! I love every single thing about Doraemon. Especially its theme songs that always come up in my mind. La la laaah, I really really loove Doraemon…..

doraemon image

BEC challenge all the members with this superb question: For only one chance, what kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?

I choose “Anywhere Door”! Could you imagine how fantastic, when we really want to go somewhere, all we have to do is entering that “anywhere door” and voilaa….! We could say good bye to traffic jam, not to mention our fear a.k.a paranoid disorder when traveling by aeroplane, etc?


How cool is that?

And this question followed by another challenge.

What is my bucket-list traveling destination in 2015?

Turkey has been on my wish-list. I really like to see the sunrise over the beautiful Cappadecia valley, by riding Hot Air Balloon! It’s gonna be the most thrilling, exhilarating and adventurous moment. The operator will pick me up very early in the morning. I can feel the joyful (and a little bit scary feeling) when seeing the pilot navigate our hot air balloon. Weather plays a role in this super-duper-exciting moment.


images (1)

Adam and Susan from pergi dulu once advise us to choose a great hot-air-balloon operator. Royal Balloon is very recommended. Because I have such love-hate-relationship with flying whatsoever, first thing to do is choosing the best vendor in hot-air-balloon experience.

We can read from its website, that ROYAL BALLOON – CAPPADOCIA is an ISO 9001 Certified Ballooning Company which operates Luxury & High Quality Balloon Flights in Cappadocia which separates us from the other Balloon companies. We are not a “mass” Balloon company with large amount of Balloons. We operate with minimum number of Hot Air Balloons to provide our passengers more Personalized, Comfortable and ROYAL Class Flight Service.


Sooo… this is for today! I’m super exciting while planning this spectaculer experience. Can hardly wait to fulfill the Hot Air Balloon form! And I’m asking Doraemon to give me a try, entering the “anywhere door”. Yayyy!!



Author: @nurulrahma

aku bukan bocah biasa. aku luar biasa

41 thoughts on “Doraemon and Hot Air Balloon”

    1. Ih Mba Lies ngikut aku nih. Takut ketinggian.
      Ini beneran deh… lama2 Mba Lies ngeplak aku beneran kalau ketemu. Komen gak penting terus. 😛 Canda ya Mba.

    1. Kalo kata Adam& Susan (blogger pergidulu) pilih operator yang terpercaya. Emang sih, dulu sempat ada berita balon meledak di udara dll. Tapi, yang namanya takdir lah yaaa. Diem di rumah aja, kalo udah waktunya isdet, ya isdet aja dah 🙂

  1. Aku mau ikut ya Mba. Kalau Doraemon kasih pintunya. Jemput saya dulu. Nanti berangkat ke Turki bareng2. hehehe.

    Lihat foto temen yang ke sana… wewww. ngeces saya mba. Demi deh. Bagus bangettt

  2. Hahaha. Earlier today I was blabbering how time space continum will break if too many people use the door. But for an experience with a hot air balloon I will go with you since I have a translator jelly that will be beneficial for your trip. Ihikk

  3. klo dikasih anywhere door nya saya mau ke uncak2 gunung mak, biar ga cape hiking, keliling terus ke uncak2 gunung, kan asik tuh tiba2 langsung di puncak, apalagi di everest haha ngayal

  4. Well, you’re excited even before riding the hot-air-balloon, it surely seems a long-time-dream 😉 Good luck on making it come true, Mak! 😊 (except for the Anywhere Door, I guess 😝)

  5. Turkey ini emang nampak seru.Hot air balloon seems so interesting too tapi makkkk aku takut ketinggian. Gimana donk? Wes lah aku fotoin kamu aja ya dari bawah? Hahahaa *saking desperatenya*

  6. Anywhere door: a trip to Turkey please for…100 people. LOL. A ride on air balloon, wouldn’t that be just romantic and unforgettable?!!! Aha, great idea for my next anniversary hahaha

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