My Most Having Fun Moment


February 2013 is my Best-Day ever. I have recognized as The 2nd Champion of Bunda Dancow Parenting Center. The competition required combinations of creative thinking and great works for delivering joyful education programs for kids. As you know, we’ve got lot of parenting skills training. It supports us to be “Life Ready parents”.

Thousand moms around Indonesia followed this competition. I came with “Outbound for Kids” project. The kids were having fun, playing teamwork games in Taman Pintar Sidoarjo.

The judges—consists of psycholog, financial planner, social media enthusiast, etc—finally decided that I’m deserve to be the winner. Thanks God, because I never ever dreamt about it before.


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Just arrived at Soekarno Hatta Int'l Airport Tangerang
Just arrived at Soekarno Hatta Int’l Airport Tangerang
Coverage at Ayahbunda
"The Big Three" at Majalah Ayahbunda
“The Big Three” at Majalah Ayahbunda



Author: @nurulrahma

aku bukan bocah biasa. aku luar biasa

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