I Dreamed A (Wildest) Dream

When was the last time I do something for the first time?

When was the last time I have the courage to DREAM?

I don’t know. Oh my… Suddenly I realize that for a loooong time, I only live my life in “auto-pilot” mode. Never put any design, moreover wildest dream on it. Poor me.

Until I found this video on youtube. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome… Susan Boyle…!!

So many times we heard the adagium “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. What did we do to Boyle? All of us—I’m quite sure about this—will underestimate her, because she’s too old, not pretty nor slim (sexy) enough and she has no “star quality” to become a pop-singer.

And, Boyle’s appearance in that talent show fired us! She nailed it! **agnezmo style, if you know what I mean** She also makes her wildest dream comes true :))

So, how about me?

After thinking and elaborating so many ideas, I still have the obsession to have a round the world trip, with my kiddo, Sidqi. Truly inspired by backpackology, a Javanese young mommy, who always spending quality time with traveling in a very unique way. Also, Miss Trinity that inspires me to travel a lot, more and more.


So here we are.

In my wildest dream, Sidqi and I will travel a lot… We become a “lonely-planet-ambassador”…. and some billboards having our pictures as their advertorial for international brands!

red red-2 red-3

Hellooo Miss Boyle

Have I dream as wild as you dream?


Author: @nurulrahma

aku bukan bocah biasa. aku luar biasa

29 thoughts on “I Dreamed A (Wildest) Dream”

  1. according to the famous quotes “to travel is to live” hmmm…i thought that we’re have lot of dreams as wild as yours mbak tjantik *winkwink

    ooops!! maybe yours is one step ahead than mine as you joint that blogger community hihihi

      1. klo mau joint, kudu sowan dulu ke rachmat itu kah mbak?

        hihihi pgn tp itu td….krn mental org indo itu takut disalahin emg bnr gk bagus yo….isinnya dulu yg nongol *sigh

  2. for your additional surprise; susan boyle is finally on date in her 53.
    nothing is impossible, mbak. cant wait to see you and your dearest son in travel ads around the globe 😀

    1. Aaamiiiin, aaamiiiin…:))

      Yesss… I really feel like WHATT?!?! when I read wikipedia about Susan Boyle, and figure out that she’s finally on date in 53 years old.

      Agree with you, mba Santi. Nothing is impossible. The word itself == I’m Possible 🙂

      1. call me, santi only mbak.. without any prefixes mbak or bu.. i am forever young at heart 😀 😀 #rejectold #menolaktua . mwahahahhaa 😀

  3. You’re ‘wild’, Mba, 🙂 upsss… your dream is … he he he. And I and my son will be among those pedestrians who always look up the billboard having your pictures. Am I ‘wild’?

  4. It’s not wild dream, mbak, it’s a sweet dream! 😀 I wish your dream come true. Sidqi must be happy if he know his mom’s dream for him..

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