[#EF13] I Choose Youtube Aerobic

Okay, thanks God, finally I can join BEC challenge again… Yayy for this…. **blowing confetti**

Talking about my favorite sport, off course it’s aerobics. Especially aerobics from youtube. Why? Because it’s very cheap! It only cost unlimited Wi-Fi subscription fee, and I can choose a lot of aerobics videos.

I’ve posted about it (in Indonesian) you can readΒ here

Another reason why I choose at home aerobics, because I can remove my hijab. You know, it’s never easy, going to sports club, doing fitness activity with hijab on your head, and all those long clothes.

I think that’s all. I can’t make it longer anyway 😦 If you want to join English Friday weekly challenge, please go here.

20 thoughts on “[#EF13] I Choose Youtube Aerobic

  1. Gara says:

    I haven’t tried aerobic before :haha. But I bet if the movements are based on a music video, it will be very fun!

  2. dani says:

    Never tried this one, youtube aerobics, sounds so much fun. Unfortunately we don’t have reliable internet connection over here. 😦

  3. nianastitin says:

    Wah rajin banget Mba bisa rutin aerobik sendiri. kalau saya musti jd member gym dulu biar gamau rugi dan datang terus. Hahaha. Dah lama banget ga aerobik sekarang lari mulu biar mureeh. Di gym biasanya aerobik ada yg khusus cewe aja sih Mba, dan tempatnya tertutup lho πŸ™‚

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