Gratitude List (Now and Then)

I’m Grateful for….

The kind of things that make me remember, that no matter how bad the situations were, I still had many things to be grateful for:

(1). I’m alive! Still being a moslem and had a passion (although ups-and downs) for getting ‘how to’ be a better moslem every single day.

(2). Had my kiddo: Sidqi. He’s the most precious gift that God had sent me. Always grateful being his mom.

(3). Can bike to work (again! Yayy!). Yeah, although my body getting bigger and you can find those lipid everywhere (zzzzz) God still allows and give power to me for riding bicycle, from my home to my office. It’s like… I have prove everyone, that no matter fat you are, if you have that willing and determination, then you could do anything in life. One brilliant idea for sure: Bike to work plus singing all-road-long: “Bicycle… Bicycle… I Want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike….” (thanks to Queen!!)

(4). Have a super-duper-cool “partner in crime”, especially in Media Division in my office. Well, although we’re trapped in a rustic and die-hard-formal ambience office, at least, I have 3 ‘crazy-alert’ persons surrounding me.

(5). Have a lovely cute-wise-cool-calm-confident-and The Most Rockstar Mommy in the world! Please welcome…. *drum roll* Uti Faaatttt!!! Well, she’s had become the Generator (not only inspirator) in my life. She could see bright side from every trouble or catastrophic condition that we’ve faced. So, why don’t I put her as my Super-Hero? 😀

Ini Status lima tahun silam diingetkan sama Facebook. Sekarang? Kondisinya memang agak (atau sangat?) berbeda

Saya udah nggak ngantor di NH lagi. Ibunda kandung (Uti Fat) sudah berpulang sejak 2016. Trus, Sidqi juga udah ABG, means bukan bayi/toddler/kids yg unyu2 lagi 😀

Tapiiii, bukankah PASTI ADA SELALU HAL BAIK yang harus disyukuri?

Bismillah. Semogaaaa, aku bisa kontinyu bikin gratitude list di blog ini, dalam format apapun. Bisa format random, atau gegara lihat poto2 tertentu, apa aja dah.



Author: @nurulrahma

aku bukan bocah biasa. aku luar biasa

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