Artotel = Anti-Mainstream Hotel



Dear Nurul,

ARTOTEL is a contemporary collection of hotels located in urban cosmopolitan centers across the country that fuse exceptional architectural style with art-inspired interiors.

Halaman Artotel Surabaya

Halaman Artotel Surabaya

With a powerful combination of top notch art from some of this country’s emerging artists and best-in-class service delivered by a talented hospitality team, ARTOTEL offers a hotel experience like no other.


ARTOTELs are currently available in the city centers of Jakarta and Surabaya (with six others in the pipeline) which blend unparalleled design, art and hospitality.


We are currently preparing our 2nd property in Surabaya and would love to welcome any inputs/suggestions from you as to how our next property would suit local pop culture in terms of lifestyle, likes and dislikes :))


We would be delighted to welcome you to our Surabaya property for a luncheon gathering which will be held next week on:

Thursday, November 13th 2014 12 PM Onwards

RoCa Restaurant at ARTOTEL Surabaya

Jl. Dr.Soetomo no. 79-81,

Surabaya 60264,

We look forward to seeing you soon in Surabaya and do let me know if I could be of any further assistance!

We heART You!

Frederic Ferry

Corporate Creative Communications Manager

ARTOTEL Indonesia




Dear Ferry. Such an honour for me receiving this invitation. I will attend this accompanied with another friend,is it okay? Thanks in advance.





Hello Nurul, thanks so much for your confirmation.

However this bloggers gathering is meant for us to communicate to bloggers only therefore seats are limited to ensure that we have a clear and effective (not to mention intimate) gathering.

I can guarantee that you will have fun with other bloggers at this event

Ga males naik tangga kalo dekornya keren bingits gini mah

Ga males naik tangga kalo dekornya keren bingits gini mah




The main problem is, I need someone who will drive the vehicle into your hotel and capture some pictures!! ๐Ÿ™‚

No need to worry, because my friend also a blogger.
So, I guarantee he will deliver a very clear and good article related to this awesome hotel.
I promise he will cheer up this event.
Thanks in advance




In that case I will need his name and blog details juga ya

See you two soon Nurul!

Yang mana patungnya?  :))

Yang mana patungnya?




Loh, ini mas Ferry orang Indonesia tho?
Yaaaa… tahu gitu, dari tadi saya email2an pakai bahasa Indonesia aja deh ๐Ÿ™‚
Namanya Erik. Spesialisasi dia di fotografi dan videografi.
((semua foto di sini adalah hasil jepretan kang Erik)).ย 
Thanks much ya.
Can hardly wait to attend this fabulous lunch

44 thoughts on “Artotel = Anti-Mainstream Hotel

    • dani says:

      Jiaaaah kepenceeet. Hahahaha. Baca beberapa review temen blogger lain hotel ini emang nyenii abis ya mbakyu. Ada satu di deket kantor lama. Suka lihat eksterior luarnya.

  1. nengwie says:

    Nyeni hotelnya..
    Tp itu dinding kamarnya ko rame bangeut ya, ngga pusing apa kalau istirahat disitu hehe
    Kalau teteh suka kamar yg lembut warnanya, bikin adem mata hehe

    Pernah nginep di Ibis Style yg di Jogja, sukaaa bangeut sama interiornya..:)

    • bukanbocahbiasa says:

      BRB googling Ibis Style Jogja.
      *e ya ampuuuuun… kereeen amaaat mbaaak…. aku duluuuu sukanya stay di Ibis yg deket Malioboro, supaya kalo shopping gampil pulangnya :))

      Tapi Ibis Malioboro sempiiittt ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Yang ini mah KEREEEN duh, kapan ya, aku dapat undangan job review ke IBIS style Jogja **ngarep**

      • nengwie says:

        Ngga sengaja juga nemu hotel ini mbak… Pas mau booking hotel di Jogja nemu ini, iihh ko lucuuu… jadi ambil ini Hotel, tp sayangnya agak muter2 kalau mau ke Malioboro, kirain dekeet hehe

        ุฅูู†ู’ ุดูŽุงุกูŽ ุงู„ู„ู‘ู‡ู nanti kesampaian, sarapannya enaaaak macem-macem gituuu…pdhl khan bintang 3 yah..?? Jauh pisan dibanding hotel di Jerman mah…

  2. Yuniari NUkti says:

    Haha.. iya Mbak kirain Mas Ferry itu orang bule. Yang bikin aneh dia manggil saya Mbak. Jadi daripada balesnya ribet (harus pke google translate segala) saya balas aja pke bahasa Indonesia :))

    • bukanbocahbiasa says:

      Aku belum pernah ke Artotel Sarinah. Yang di Sby sebenernya juga gak luas2 amat siyy, apalagi kalo dibandingin Sheraton atau JW Marriott *gubraks* Tapi, sbg hotel, doi punya ciri khas dan diferensiasi yang kuaaaat banget.

    • bukanbocahbiasa says:

      Rada lumayan pricey siy mbak menurut saya yang zuhud ini *halah* semalam antara 500-600 ribu. Hiburannya ya mural2 itu. Sama kalo mau ke mal2 tengah kota, ada bus gratis buat tamu hotel.
      Selebihnya, ga ada swimming pool, fitness centre, dll.

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